Why choose your Masters by visiting a Masters fair?

You have just finished your Bachelor studies or you will be done with it soon and you are positive, that you want to continue your education. However, this is the only thing you are positive about. You can’t decide what should be your future study, at which university, in which country and language.

You know (and you hear it from your family, friends and relatives all the time) how important is your Masters for your future career path and life in general. And the importance of this decision makes your choice even harder.

If this scenario sounds familiar to you, continue reading this article. It is true, that finding out which is the best Masters for you is not the easiest thing. Instead of lapsing into frustration and stress, you should start collecting information upfront. The more info you have, the more confident and well prepared you will feel.

A great, easy and fast way to do so is visiting a study fair. Here are some of the advantages.


Meet study advisors

There are great Masters events in Europe, where you can meet study advisors and representatives of many universities and other educational institutions. It is a great way to get in personal contact with them and ask questions. You can discuss with them your interests and wishes for your future education and career. Share with the specialists what is your obtained Bachelors degree and eventually your notes and they might give you ideas about suitable Masters degrees.


and experts…

Often you could meet educational experts, who don’t represent a specific university. This is a good option to discuss different institutions and general information about your future study – where, what, how and etc.


Watch presentations

At a study fair you don’t just walk around universities’ booths, but you can also watch their presentations. This is a great way to learn more about the offered study programmes, but also about campuses, university life, admission process, institution’s history and traditions.


Target your visit

Choose your field/fields of study and get a personalized guide, showing only the institutions that offer programmes of your interest. This will save you a lot of time and lead you to specialized university. If you are interested in arts and culture, you will also reach Art Colleges pretty fast among the big universities that offer all kind of studies.


Meet other “wanna-be-Masters”

We advise you to visit a Master fair, also because you will spend some time with people “in your situation”. You can get in contact with some of them, even find new friends or at least – see that you are not the only one who has many questions and concerns.


Lots of info and contacts in one day

One of the main advantages of visiting a Masters fair is that you will have an overview of many study programmes and universities – all together at the same time + the possibility for a direct personal contact with them. This will save you many hours of reading and searching info online and many calls and e-mails.



We wish you a great success and don’t forget to:

  • follow your interests
  • set reachable goals
  • take enough time to prepare your application
  • enjoy



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