Thank you so much for joining us! Make sure to check your inbox for the password for the ST Resource Library!


Thank you so much for joining us! I am so glad that you decide to signup, and I can't wait to share with you all the information that will help you succeed and thrive!

Not sure how to start browsing Students Toolbox? Here are some recommendations from me!

1. Check your email and download the tools in ST Resource Library 

Have you checked your mailbox? I have just sent you a welcome email. (If you can't seem to get it, try searching your spam folder or promotion tab!) From there, you will be able to find the password for the ST Resource Library, and also some information about Students Toolbox and some useful links for you! Make sure you head over to the library and download the free resources as well as read the corresponding post to learn how to use the printable!

If you have subscribed previously, you will not get a new email. You may want to find the most recent email I have sent to you (try searching Students Toolbox in your email!) and you will be able to find the current password!

 If you do not know how to access the library, please see our FAQ!

2. Join the ST Student Success Club 

Do you know that we now have a private Facebook Group for people who've joined us?

In this Facebook group, you can find all of our weekly challenges (by that I mean all the action plans you missed!) and exclusive tips and resources!

You also get to meet lots of motivated students like you, and we can come together and talk about studying, productivity, and organization strategies.

3. Follow Students Toolbox's social media platforms

You don't want to miss a new free resource, do you? Make sure to follow Students Toolbox's social media platforms to stay updated! I also post a daily tip on twitter, so if you want to get inspired, go follow Students Toolbox on Twitter

4. Go to our Start Here page!

The best way to start browsing Students Toolbox is to learn more about it. In this page, I have pointed out the best bits of Students Toolbox, and how you can make use of the resources.

5. Let me know more about you!

This blog is not about me, but about you! I am here to help you thrive, so I will need to know what you are struggling with, and what you want to know more about.

Tell me in the form below what you are struggling with, and if you want, how I can help you with it!