Helpful websites, books, apps and tools for students

What is the Student Toolkit?

Students at this age are incredibly lucky. We can have the privilege to access a wide range of resources online, and also make use of different apps and online tools to help us with our studies. 

In this toolkit, I have put together some of the best tools and resources for students. I hope you find them useful!


Scribd: this is my favorite and only reading app I use. By paying a monthly subscription fee of just $9 per month, you can get access to a wide range of books, audiobooks, documents, and music sheets. Try a two-month free trial here (which is longer than the usual one-month trial)!

Grammarly: I cannot imagine my life without Grammarly now. I use it for writing blog posts, essays, and any emails I need to write. It makes sure that my writings are mistake-free, and it is indeed more functional than the normal spelling check on Word.

Document / PDF Expert: Although you do have to pay for the app PDF Expert, Document itself is already very functional. I use this to read all my readings at school, and I can easily highlight and annotate on the document. I also love its text to speech function, which allows an auditory learner like me to listen to my readings.

Focus Keeper: there are a lot of Pomodoro apps out there, but this one is definitely my favorite. I love its clean look, its background sound, and how it can keep track of my progress.

Sworkit: Want to work out but don't have time for the gym? Same. I use this app to work out every night before bed, and I have been feeling so good since then!

Google Drive: Google Drive is my favorite tool to store and organized my digital files. Read the tutorial on how I use it in this article!


Brain Rules: Learning about how your brain works can really help you to use good tactics to maximize your effectiveness in studying and your productivity. This book has really inspired me, and I have been able to incorporate quite a few rules into my daily life.

How We Learn: This is another book that talks about the brain and how exactly you learn and memorize. This book is a bit more focused on the activity of learning, so if you are looking for brain hacks to improve your studies, this is definitely a good book for you.


College Info Geek: This podcast has some of the best study tips and resources. This podcast will give you tips on how to study more effectively, be more productive, and be a better job candidate.

Life Is A Marathon:  This is the one podcast that I would like to recommend everyone to listen to. The podcast focuses a lot on personal development and improvement. I have been listening to it every morning, and it really gives me the energy to be motivated for the entire day.



College Info Geek
: This is the first college-related blog that I have read, and it honestly has some great content. Thomas's posts are very informative, inspirational, and they are packed with great details.

TopWritingTips: TopWritingTips is a blog that focuses on helpful and useful writing tips to help you become a better writer by Jessica from Australia. It also covers some great study techniques for students.

As Life Grows: is an amazing blog founded by Samantha. She teaches college students on how you can have a successful college experience. She also has some great e-courses and free downloads for students.

College Compass
: This is a blog launched from the popular college blog Sara Laughed (that I am sure a lot of you have heard of). This blog aims at encouraging, equipping and empowering you to make the most of your student years.

The University Network: TUN is an organization that built the largest student discount program ever created. It aims at helping college students to save money by providing different kinds of resources, and it also has some great blog posts on helping students get through college.

Dani Dearest: Dani Dearest is a college lifestyle blog that has grown into a large empowering community for college and millennial women worldwide. The site, run by Dani, focuses on helping you succeed in your life and studies while feeling creatively fulfilled in the process. This blog offers everything from study tips and time management tools to mental health guides and lifestyle pieces about dorm life, dating, fashion, and everything in between.


Hayle Olson
: Hayle Olson is a lifestyle and college blog where Hayle shares tips and survival guides for college students & millennials. Living a happy and healthy lifestyle is extremely important to Hayle and you can clearly see this in her helpful posts and videos. Her goal is to share helpful and motivating content for others to learn from and be inspired by. 

My Little Box of Tricks: This blog is a compilation of resources to help you navigate your twenties.


A Millennial's Guide to Life
: Shelcy founded this blog for 18 to 34-year old college students and other millennials. She gives career advice to the multi-passionate creatives who want to make a living by doing all the things they love.

Want to be added to the list? Want to recommend some helpful tools and resources for Students?