The Student Strategy Planner

The all-in-one planning system that helps you thrive in school and life by providing you with the right strategies.

Have you ever felt like...

You are constantly procrastinating and can't seem to get things done?

Overwhelmed and stressed by all the things you have to do and study?

Frustrated because you don't even know what you should do to get better grades and succeed in school?

The solution is finally here: The Student Strategy Planner

We give you effective strategies and systems to find your goals, be more productive, and learn effectively to attain greater achievements.
We take into account of all needs of students and connect them together to give you a systematic approach to manage all aspects of your student life.
The simplicity of the Student Strategy Planner makes it easy for you to organize your thoughts and gather all information you need


The Strategy Journal is designed to help you discover your visions and goals, adopt a more proactive and positive mindset, and be happier.
Personal SWOT Analysis
Five-year Plan
Impossible List
Habit Formation
Activity Journal
Decision Journal
Positive Thinking
Anxiety Journal
a new way of organization


The Strategy Planner helps you plan and manage your time effectively so that you can live every day purposefully and productively.
Course Planner
Semester Overview
Course Information + Grade Tracker
Reading Assignments
Weekly Schedule and Routine
Month (undated)
Week (undated)
Task Planner
Learn effectively

Study Kit

The Strategy Study Kit helps you better focus on your studies and endorse the right strategies to study actively and effectively.
Topic Summary
Reading Notes
Cornell Notes Sheet
Vocabulary List
Study Group
Essay Planner
Project Planner
Group Project Planner
Exam Study Planner
Post-exam Reflection


The Student Strategy Planner is Designed to Help Students Ace the STUDENT SUCCESS SYSTEM.

The Student Success System is a 4-step system that is essential to achieving academic excellence. It includes (1) a proactive attitude, (2) effective time management, (3) active learning, (4) good performance in assessments. The Journal, Planner, and Study Kit of the Student Strategy Planner are designed to help students excel in each of the components of the system.


By purchasing the Student Strategy Planner, you will get a FREE BONUS Printable Guide (worth $15!) on all the strategies of the Student Success System, along with some tips on how to utilize and make the full use of the Student Strategy Planner to help you achieve greater success!
The 6-Day Student Success Bootcamp is a free training that will tell you what the Student Success System really is and how you can excel win the system! The free training will help you learn strategies and skills that allow you to be more proactive and productive, as well as to study actively and effectively so that you can thrive in school and life!

Get the Student Strategy Planner Now at a Discounted Price!

The Student Strategy Planner Inserts
$ 34 USD
All 3 parts + Bonus Guide!
A5 PDF Printable Inserts
Full Bonus Guide
Future updated versions (for free)
Journal Inserts
$ 15 USD
A5 PDF Printable Inserts
Bonus Guide (only the part for Journal)
No Updates
Planner Inserts
$ 14 USD
A5 PDF Printable Inserts
Bonus Guide (only the part for Planner)
No Updates
Study Kit Inserts
$ 16 USD
A5 PDF Printable Inserts
Bonus Guide (only the part for Study Kit)
No Updates
The price will go back up to $39 soon! Make sure to grab the Student Strategy Planner now!

By purchasing the Student Strategy Planner, you will get to have the complete Student Strategy Guide and all the updates of the Planner (i.e. dated version of the week and month planners, fillable/editable pdf, extra inserts, and more)!

With the Student Strategy Planner, you can...

Be happier and more positive
Reflect your days and your thoughts with our Strategy Journal to rewire your brain for positivity and happiness.
Adopt a proactive mindset
Conduct a personal SWOT analysis and define your visions for life and goals with the Strategy Journal.
Form good life and study habits
Whether you want to wake up early in the morning, or study regularly, our habit formation and study inserts can help you.
Live every day with intention and purpose
The Strategy Planner is designed to help you live every month, week, and day with clear goals and focus.
Plan your tasks and projects well
Use the Strategy Planner to organize all your tasks, projects, as well as work progress and timeline.
Manage your time effectively
The Strategy Planner helps you to better allocate your time and overcome procrastination.
Use active learning
Strategy Study Kit has inserts like topic summary and reading notes that encourage you to digest the materials and learn in the right way.
Perform well in assessments
Use the project, essay, and exam planners in the Strategy Study Kit to plan and tackle your assessments.
Not sure how to organize your plans, thoughts, and notes? The Student Strategy Planner organizes everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I personalize or change the sequence of the inserts in the Student Strategy Planner?
Yes, you can. Once you purchased the Student Strategy Planner, you will be given three PDF files for you to print the planner inserts out. You can use software like Preview or Adobe Acrobat to move the PDF pages so that it matches your needs.

Alternatively, if you need help with customizing the planner, you can book a 15-minute consulting session with me to let me know how I can help you. The consulting session itself is free and I am happy to help as much as I can. If you would like me to change the planner to specifically suit your needs, a small amount of charge may apply depending on how many changes you would like to make. But do let me know how I can help you, it is my goal to make the Student Strategy Planner perfectly suits your needs!
Is the Student Strategy Planner digitally fillable/editable?
The Planner is not editable at the moment. However, we will make this update soon. All our customers of the Student Strategy Planner can receive all future updated versions of the Planner, including the editable version. Please note that the updated versions will not be sent to customers who purchase the Journal / Planner / Study Kit individually.
What exactly is the bonus Student Strategy Guide and how can I use it?
The Student Strategy Guide is a printable booklet that combines both (1) strategies on productivity and studying and (2) user guide on how to make use of the Student Strategy Planner. The complete Student Strategy Guide covers all aspects of the Student Strategy System and points to you exactly which inserts can help you achieve which element of the system. It also consists of some great planner tip so that you can get the most out of the Planner.

You can print the Student Strategy Guide as a whole. Alternatively, you can print inserts that you find helpful and add it to the respective pages of your planner so that you can easily refer to the strategies when using the planner. For example, you can print the pages on "learning effectively in class" and place it right before the inserts "Topic Summary" so that you will constantly be reminded of how you can get the most out of classes when taking notes. 
Got some questions on the Student Strategy Planner?
Feel free to contact us at or send us a message on Facebook! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.