8 Gift Ideas for Students and Stationery Addicts + November Haul

I am so excited for this week’s post! I haven’t been posting a lot about stationery recently (I think the last one I did was in February!). Since I have just received a huge package from a local store of all the stationery I got online, I decide to share with you all these great stuff! As it is almost Black Friday and Christmas time, I think it would be a great idea to also add a few things that I think would be a GREAT stationery gift idea for your friends. So if you are struggling about what to give to your friends, here are some things ideas you will love!

1. Planners

Planner - Cute Stationery Gift ideas for High School and College Students + Office Supplies Addicts!

You can’t deny that December is a great time for buying planners! One of my favourite hobbies during Christmas is to shop for planners. I always have a hard time picking the ones that I really like! There are a ton of options to choose from, you can either pick planner printables, printed planner or just a plain notebook for doing bullet journals.

After going through different websites, I picked a planner from Mossery. The packaging and the cover of it looks very pretty, and the best part is that you can actually customize it! I have my name printed on it (you can do a quote on it as well), and I am really happy with how it turned out! The pages inside are very useful as well. It has a few pages that allow you to write down your inspirations and visions. I chose to have monthly pages + grid notes for my planner (you can go for weekly views or other types of papers) so that I can plan my blog posts and do a bullet journal on it.

Mossery planner is indeed a great planner for me to get organized, and also great for being creative too! If you are looking for a 2017 Planners, the ones on the Mossery online store: www.mossery.co is perfect for you. Check out with the code STUDENTSTOOLBOX15 for 15% off for the 2017 Planners! (The code is valid until 7th January 2017)

There are so many other options of planners you can pick from! If my planner isn’t really your thing, I have also picked other good options that you may be interested in!


2. Washi Tape

Washi Tape - stylus - Cute Stationery Gift ideas for High School and College Students + Office Supplies Addicts!

I know, I know. You probably have already known this. But washi tape is definitely one of the most popular stationery trends, and it seems like it will never go away! I was never the kind of person who like using them on my notebooks, but they are so pretty that I can’t resist getting a set for myself this month! They honestly look good in everywhere, and I am thinking about using them on my vision board, planner, notebooks and so on. If you are thinking about getting some for yourself or your friends, I have picked the ones that I find really pretty here!


3. A Stylus

Stylus - Cute Stationery Gift ideas for High School and College Students + Office Supplies Addicts!

If you have been following me a while on Tumblr, you would know that I have recommended this stylus (kmoso Drawing Pen Point Disc Touch Screen Capacitive Stylus Pen) for a lot of times. To be honest, this isn’t really the best stylus out there. There are a lot of other alternatives, and some even have really high-tech functions. But this one is definitely one of the best affordable stylus. In addition, you don’t have to worry to much about breaking it. It comes with an extra tip so you can easily change that yourself. This stylus is definitely my favorite tool for taking notes on iPad!

4. Notepads

Notepads - Cute Stationery Gift ideas for High School and College Students + Office Supplies Addicts!

If planner isn’t really your favorite, you can consider planning on notepads. These are great for people who don’t really want to commit into using a planner (I know how stressful it can get when you’re a perfectionist and want to get every page of your planner perfect!). I personally got myself a monthly planner, weekly planner, daily planner, and a checklist note pad – and I am using them constantly!


5. Folder & Organizer

Organizer - Cute Stationery Gift ideas for High School and College Students + Office Supplies Addicts!

Having a folder and organizer that you can easily carry around makes life much easier, especially for girls. Sometimes we just want to carry our purse, but you still have bring some notes and papers to class. This is when I would use the organizer and just carry it with me. The one I got (as shown in the photo) looks really cute, and I can just take it with me to school. It also has a hard cover, meaning I can write on it easily without needing to find a desk. It also comes with a pen holder, along with some card holders and transparent compartments that can hold my notes – so I can easily slip the a piece of note from the aforementioned notepads into it.


6. Notebooks

Notebooks - Cute Stationery Gift ideas for High School and College Students + Office Supplies Addicts!

Needless to say, notebooks are definitely one of the favourites of stationery addicts. (I got to admit that I definitely have way too many notebooks at home!) I just got one notebook with the Cornell note-taking method format on it, and I am loving it! It really helps to me take Cornell notes for my exam! (The grey lines don’t really show in the photo so you probably can’t see clearly, sorry about that!)

Here I have picked two pretty notebooks that I really love, and two notebooks with the Cornell note-taking method structure which I think would be very helpful for students to study!


7. Rose Gold Stationery

If you are trying to make your desk looks prettier, rose gold stationery would definitely be on top of your list. I didn’t purchase any of them this month, but I am definitely planning to do so soon! They looks so fancy and cute, and what’s better than redecorating your desk for the new year?


8.  Kindle

In my previous post on how I manage my commitments, I have talked about how studying on-the-go helped me. I love how convenient it is to use my tablet to go through my readings when I am travelling or commuting, and I would highly recommend every college student to have one! It really helps me to minimize the time I need to study in front of my desk, and I can finish much more readings than before. I remembered one time that I lost my iPad for almost a month, and I honestly didn’t know how to survive without it (first world problem… ugh). I basically have all my readings on it, and also a Readers’ Digest and Scribd subscription for me to read whenever I want.

If you are thinking about buying a tablet, why not get it now during Black Friday deals week – it ends on 27th – so get it quick! 🙂

Let me know what your favorite school and office supplies are, and what you will get for yourself and your friends!



  • Alberta
    Hi! I'm totally in love with cute stationary and I loved this post (I'm gonna check for some cute stationary in amazon!). I also have a request: could you do a post about your favorite stationary and some more tipps for christmas gifts? Thanks, top blog! Alb
    • Hi Alberta, your idea sounds great! I will think about working on a Christmas gift guide soon! :)
  • Lol, the washi tape comments are so true! I just started my own cute stationery store and seeing someone like you with a website like this is so inspirational. Keep it up!
    • Thank you! I would love to check out your products as well!

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