Ways to Simplify Your Life and Make Yourself Happier and More Productive

[This is #6 of Back To School Series: Ways to Simplify Your Life]

Some of us often feel like they have no time to stop and take a deep breath. Always running somewhere – late for work, late for meeting friends, late for gym class. It doesn’t have to be like this because busy doesn’t mean happy.

Simplifying our lives is what we need. With the start of the year, it is the time for you to change your previous lifestyle and go for a more organised life and one that allows you to focus on your goal. Getting the clutter out of the way, limiting time with people that discourage us, cutting social media and TV time – this is just something to start with. The next thing is to learn to manage our goals and learn to be mindful. Let’s focus on the last two.

Goals are needed to keep us focused, on track and to provide us with a sense of purpose. But we do not need too many goals. In fact, if there are too many of them, it will be hard to achieve at least one. Setting 1 or 2 major goals for a year is enough. Focus solely on them, you’ll reduce stress and reach them much faster and easier.

Now for staying mindful. Being in the present, not worrying about the past or the future will contribute a lot to your mental health. Learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and you’ll enjoy life much more. Regular meditation will add some value too.

Look through the Essay Tigers infographic below and learn how you can simplify your life.

An infographic on how to simplify your life


Ways to Simplify Your Life:

  1. Eliminate relationships that are draining you
  2. Be organised, and get ready for mornings
  3. Stay mindful – have a clear mind and reduce negativity
  4. Manage your finances with the 50/30/20 rule
  5. Limit the time you spend on media
  6. Manage your goals

Want To Read More?

This infographic is indeed very inspiring, and it gives you some idea on ways to simplify your life. These are some things you can start doing for this year and hopefully adopt them as one of your habits. If you are interested in more back to school posts, make sure to check out the series here.


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