Strategy Study Kit (Part of the Student Strategy Planner)


Strategy Study Kit is part of The Student Strategy Planner – a comprehensive system specifically designed to help students excel in the Student Success System.

The Strategy Study Kit can help you to…

  • Learn actively by using the right study skills to:
    • prepare for class
    • take class notes
    • Read your textbooks and learning materials
    • learn vocabulary
  • Perform well in assessments by:
    • devising a good exam study plan
    • planning your essay
    • managing your projects

Want to excel in all parts of the Student Success System? The Student Strategy Planner has all the tools you need!


What You Get

By purchasing the Strategy Study Kit, you can instantly download:

  • Strategy Study Kit (A5 printable PDF file, 211 pages)
  • Part of the Student Strategy Bonus Guide – Study Kit (A5 printable PDF file) (will be sent to your email on August 20th)

*The Bonus Student Strategy Guide will be available on August 20th. All customers who purchase the planner prior to that date will have the Bonus Guide sent directly to your inbox.*


Inserts of the Strategy Study Kit

  • Topic Summary (20 sets, 40 pages): with areas that guide you to preview before class and review after class, you can better focus in lectures and get the most out of it
  • Reading Notes (10 sets, 20 pages): this insert has incorporated the SQ3R technique that helps you to better read the reading material and remember the key ideas of it
  • Cornell Notes Sheet (60 pages, 30 for each style): use the Cornell note-taking method for your lecture notes and all other learning occasions
  • Vocabulary (6 pages): learn vocabulary by not just learning its definition, but example sentences so that you can better associate the word with its usage
  • Glossary (6 pages): keep track of a list of keywords for different topics to get a comprehensive idea of what the topic is about
  • Formulas (6 pages): remember your formulas by taking notes of a list of the formulas along with their meanings
  • Study Group (6 pages): interactive and participatory learning is one of the best forms of learning, and the study group insert is perfect for keeping track of your study group meetings and preparation
  • Essay Planner (5 sets, 10 pages): essay writing is made much easier when you can put down all the guidelines, research areas, keywords on one page while planning your writing schedule. The insert also comes with an essay outline page for you to write down your key ideas for your introduction, main body, and conclusion
  • Project Planner (6 pages): got a personal project or individual assignment? Use the project planner to brainstorm your ideas, plan your action steps and project timeline
  • Group Project Planner (5 sets, 10 pages): always forget a meeting for your group project? This group project planner helps you to organize everything you need for a group project, like guidelines, requirements, group member information, meeting schedule, project outline, action steps, and timeline.
  • Exam Study Planner (8 pages): use the exam study planner for each subject to pinpoint what you need to study, then schedule your study tasks on the month calendar spread
  • Post-exam Reflection (6 pages): reviewing is a key step if you want to improve, so you should evaluate how well you did in the last exam and how you can do better

Need Help?

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Additional Information

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