Strategy Planner (Part of the Student Strategy Planner)


Strategy Planner is part of The Student Strategy Planner – a comprehensive printable planner specifically designed to help students excel in the Student Success System. Strategy Planner is perfect for you to organize all your agenda, tasks, and assignments. It helps you to use your time purposefully and productively every day.

Strategy Planner is part of The Student Strategy Planner – a comprehensive system specifically designed to help students excel in the Student Success System.

The Strategy Planner can help you to…

  • Manage your time well,
  • Plan your tasks and schedule effectively, and
  • Work productively.

Want to excel in all parts of the Student Success System? The Student Strategy Planner has all the tools you need!


What You Get

By purchasing the Strategy Planner, you can instantly download:

  • Strategy Planner (A5 printable PDF file, 125 pages)
  • Part of the Student Strategy Bonus Guide – Planner (A5 printable PDF file) (will be sent to your email on August 20th)

*The Bonus Student Strategy Guide will be available on August 20th. All customers who purchase the planner prior to that date will have the Bonus Guide sent directly to your inbox.*


Inserts of the Strategy Planner

  • Course Planner (4 pages): strategically plan your credits for your college or university degree
  • Semester Overview (1 set, 2 pages): the semester overview inserts allow you to easily plan your projects, assignments, and more using a timeline, as well as mark your key dates and deadlines
  • Course Information + Grade Tracker (6 pages): write down your class schedule, contact, syllabus, and assignments and grades for a course all on one page – so that you can easily retrieve information you need
  • Reading Assignments (2 pages): gather all your reading assignments together so to track your progress
  • Assignments (2 pages): have a list of all your assignments with their weighting, due dates, and grades clearly written to prevent yourself from missing a deadline
  • Weekly Schedule and Routine (1 set, 2 pages): Keep your class schedule and your weekly and morning/night routine together to make it a clear guideline for you to live and work productively every day
  • Month Planner (undated) (6 sets, 12 pages): this monthly page gives you the flexibility to write down your goals, notes, and to-dos of the month, as well as a timeline area that you can plan your projects or use it as a tracker
  • Week Planner (undated) (30 sets, 60 pages): Mark your important days of the week, your week goals, and all your tasks for each project/subject on that week on the spread so that you can easily plan your tasks and schedule
  • Task Planner (20 pages): identify your tasks by using the Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle, track your work progress with the Pomodoro technique, and write down your distractions to overcome procrastination


Need Help?

We are always happy to answer your questions on the Student Strategy Planner! Feel free to email us at or send us a message on Facebook to let us know how we can help.


Additional Information

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