Strategy Journal (Part of the Student Strategy Planner)


Strategy Journal is a part of The Student Strategy Planner. It is a printable PDF journal for students to find their own visions and goals, cultivate a proactive mindset, be more positive, and form better habits.


Strategy Journal is part of The Student Strategy Planner – a comprehensive system specifically designed to help students excel in the Student Success System.

The Strategy Journal can help you to…

  • cultivate a growth mindset
  • discover your vision and goals
  • be more determined to achieve your goals through building effective habits

Want to excel in all parts of the Student Success System? The Student Strategy Planner has all the tools you need!


What You Get

By purchasing the Strategy Journal, you can instantly download:

  • Strategy Journal (A5 printable PDF file, 285 pages)
  • Part of the Student Strategy Bonus Guide – Journal (A5 printable PDF file) (will be sent to your email on August 20th)

*The Bonus Student Strategy Guide will be available on August 20th. All customers who purchase the planner prior to that date will have the Bonus Guide sent directly to your inbox.*


Inserts of the Strategy Journal

  • Personal SWOT Analysis (1 set, 2 pages): understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, devise strategies to improve personally and academically
  • Goals (1 set, 2 pages): discover your vision for your personal growth and all other aspects of your life, then set your short-, medium-, and long-term goals to realize your vision
  • Five-year Plan (1 set, 2 pages): set your five-year plan to give you clear direction and motivation
  • Impossible list (4 pages): create your impossible list to constantly challenge yourself
  • Habit formation (10 pages): build a habit (and make it last) by finding out the 3 R’s of your habit and winning the three stages of habit formation
  • Daily Journal (undated) (184 pages): review your day by writing down things you are grateful for, daily affirmations, food and water intake, workout and sleep, and what things happened and learned during the day
  • Month Journal (undated) (6 sets, 12 pages): rate your month, record your memorable moments, lessons learned, positive changes, and evaluate how well you have achieved your monthly goals and how you can do better next month
  • Activity Journal (6 pages): take notes of your incredible experiences like volunteering, internships, camps, and more
  • Decision Journal (6 pages): struggling to make a decision? Use the decision journal to evaluate the worst-case scenario, the benefits of an attempt, and the cost of inaction
  • Positive Thinking (6 pages): use the 5-step system to rewire your brain to think positively and get better result
  • Anxiety Journal (6 pages): If you tend to worry a lot, this anxiety journal can help you to find your source of anxiety and eliminate it
  • Lined Paper (20 pages)


Need Help?

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