Want to study better next semester? Doing an end of semester reflection for your last semester will help! Here is a free evernote template kit to help you complete a reflection in areas including academics, health and lifestyle, career commitments and personal improvement!

End of Semester Reflection Evernote Templates


This product is supplementary to the article End of Semester Review: an Important Part of the Learning Process.

Doing a reflection regarding your last semester can help you evaluate your progress and improvements. This Evernote template provides you with guiding questions and areas to ponder upon. It includes 4 note template, including an academic evaluation, other commitments (internship, volunteering, etc.), health & lifestyle, and personal improvement.


This is an Evernote template for end of semester reflection. If you are new to Evernote, you can create an account and download it here.

In this template kit, you will receive 4 links to the following templates:

  • Academics: grades, study strategies, subjects I like and dislike
  • Commitments: activities participated, reflection
  • Health & Lifestyle: physical health, mental health, time management, social life
  • Personal Improvement: personal SWOT analysis, overall refection

You will be able to reflect upon these four aspects for the past semester and take note of your thoughts in the template.

To download the templates, you will have to add this product to cart and proceed to check out. Since this product is free, you won’t be charged with anything. No credit card is required.

  • After checking out, you will need to copy and paste the 4 links given to you for the 4 templates respectively to the browser. You will then be able to reach the page shown in the screenshot.

  • Next, click save to Evernote and log into your Evernote account. You will then be able to see the template in your Evernote and you can edit it.
  • If you want to re-use the template, you can always right click on the template, then choose duplicate note or copy to Notebook. This way you will have two copies of the same note.


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