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10 Ways to Avoid Fatigue and Stop Feeling Tired

If you feel exhausted and overworked, but having sleep won’t help, this is the first sign of overfatigue. The other signs of overfatigue are the lack of concentration and energy, weight loss, anxiety, difficulty completing tasks, a permanent feeling of tiredness. All these symptoms indicate your body is working at the breaking point. Overfatigue leads […]

International Students: Know Your Tenancy Rights

Student houses in the UK have a reputation for being a bit grotty – mould in the bathroom, mice in the kitchen and bed bugs that are big enough to pay rent. Some rogue landlords are intent on making a quick buck by taking advantage of students because they think they’re naive or won’t know […]

Top Interview Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

[This is #3 of Get Your Dream Job series.] Whether it be for admission into your dream university or for a summer job, having polished interview skills are a must for any successful student. It’s completely normal and often expected that you’re nervous. However, it’s also important to realize that the ability to ace an […]

Back To School Series

August is always the month of struggle. It is the best moment of summer, but at the same time, back-to-school is here. Let’s admit it, we all have this love-hate relationship with August, and we are torn between enjoying our holidays and buying school supplies for the next year. To celebrate (maybe?) the month of back to […]

Brexit causes concern for future of Erasmus exchange programme

The Erasmus programme is a highly respected scheme that enriches the student experience for tens of thousands of people every year. The programme allows students from the UK to spend a year studying at prestigious universities throughout Europe. Conversely, students from throughout the EU are also able to spend a year studying at a UK […]

5 Ways to Improve Learning Skills

The ability to learn new things quickly is extremely valuable these days, whether we talk about education or career building. Have you ever noticed that one day you can grasp new information very quickly while the other day you cannot remember even the easiest things? The same can be observed with different types of information […]

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