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How I Make and Use My Study Guides

In my previous post How to Create a Study Guide that Actually Helps, I have talked about some skills on building a study guide – a booklet that contains everything you need for your examination. While I was moving out of my dorm, I found my study guides for last semester. I realized that it might […]

February Favorites: Supplies, Apps, Books & More

Hello, March! A month is over and I decide to make regular monthly favorites at the beginning of every month to share things that I found helpful and inspiring for me and other students. February was a pretty busy month for me and I didn’t have much time to read; I mostly just listened to podcasts […]

How To Prepare For A Presentation

When you are in school you almost can’t avoid giving presentations at all. Either you have to do it for a class activity or a tutorial session, or it is a part of assessments. Learning how to do it well, and be fully prepared for a presentation will definitely help. This is the first post on […]

How to Create a Study Guide that Actually Helps

A study guide is usually a condensed version of all the information you need for an examination or test. Not only does it help you to study before the test, the process of making it itself allows you to familiarize yourself with the materials. I personally find making study guides to be an essential step when preparing for […]

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