How to Have a Bright and Productive Morning

Having a morning ritual or morning routine is said to have lots of benefits, and it can help you better set your mood and enhance your productivity.

In this post, I am going to cover:

  • The importance of morning routines
  • Things you can add to your routine
  • My perfect morning routine
  • Some tips for keeping a good morning routine
  • A few sharings from other students on their own morning routine


Why Should You Have a Good Morning Routine?

It sets your mind and may give you some great inspiration.

Morning routines are a great way to start your day because it refreshes your mind. I always hold the belief that you shouldn’t let a bad day extends to the next day. A morning almost feels like a ‘reset’ button for me to have a new and bright start, and it’s the time for me to think positively and to effectively make plans and solutions to solve my problems. You are very likely to get a lot more inspirations from reading, meditation, journaling from your morning routine.

It makes you feel more energetic.

I couldn’t recall how many mornings that I had to rush to school, skipped breakfast, and couldn’t even have time to think about what to wear, let alone working out (or maybe I did since I had to run to class). If you can spend probably 30 minutes to 1 hour having breakfast and working out in the morning, this will definitely make you feel so much better about yourself and it gives you the energy for the rest of the day.

And more importantly, it enhances your productivity.

If you have a morning routine, you are very likely to have some time to think about your goals and to-dos of the day. Having a direction for that day, your productivity is definitely going to increase because you know exactly where you are heading to and things you need to complete.

Finally, it gives you a reason to wake up.

If you are a college/university student like me, you will definitely understand how dreadful it is to wake up in the morning. It’s so tempting to sleep in when you don’t have a morning class that day (I tend to sleep until 1 pm  whenever I don’t have a morning class, and it just makes me feel really bad). Having a morning routine, however, will then give me the motivation to wake up and be productive that day since I would want to stick to my routine every day.


I have brainstormed a few things to add to my routine (or things I think some may find helpful), and here is a list of them:

Health and fitness

  • Drink a glass of water (with lemon)
  • Yoga
  • Run
  • Walk
  • Stretch
  • Pushups and Situps
  • Have breakfast
  • Take your vitamins


  • Meditate
  • Write a journal entry
  • Think about three positive things
  • Write down three things you are grateful for
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read a book
  • Read newspapers


  • Check your calendar (to make sure you know what’s your schedule that day)
  • Plan for your day
  • Make your bed (because this makes you feel better)
  • Think about your goals


  • Reviewing your notes of the classes you are going to have that day (I used to do this during high school and it’s definitely very helpful since I would know exactly what was happening in that class)
  • Go through your vocabulary flashcards
  • Or any flashcards or study guides you prepared for the upcoming test (click here to know more about making your own study guides)
  • Take an online course

Need more inspirations? Here are 22 quick habits to add to your daily morning routine.


My (Perfect) Morning Routine

I have to admit that I am never a morning person. In fact, as I am typing this, it’s 12:13 am. But lately, I realized that this shouldn’t be continued. I am getting very tired during the day and it just doesn’t feel right for me. So this is my perfect morning routine that I am hoping to gradually get into.

Wake up  N/A
Drink a glass of water and take my vitamin  2 mins
Brush teeth  3 mins
Stretch or work out  15 mins – 25 mins
Skincare and hair  10 mins
Makeup and get dressed  15 mins
Check my calendar and plan my day  5 mins
Meditate or just reflect upon my goals, things I am happy about and grateful for  5 mins
Make my bed  1 min
Breakfast while checking my social media, emails etc.  15-20 mins
Review my notes for that day’s class / Read  15 mins
Go to school (while listening to a podcast)

I realized it’s quite an ambitious morning routine after typing this, and it does take up around 2.5 hours to finish everything. I can probably only do all of these on days that I don’t have a morning class. I usually skip working out or just have a quick breakfast on the go if I don’t have the time.


The night before often determines whether you can keep up with your morning routine. Here are a few things that you should bear in mind:

  • You need to have enough sleep to wake up at the time you want. I personally think 8 hours of sleep works best for me, but everyone is slightly different on this.
  • This also means that you should set a time to put away your electronic devices because they are very likely to disrupt your sleeping schedule.
  • If you need to have certain tools in your morning routine (e.g. iced water with lemon, your workout clothes or headphones etc.), make sure you prepare them on the night before.

It probably means that you may need a night routine in order to have a good morning routine. I usually make a list of things I need to do before I get to sleep in order to make myself productive the next day.


Other Students’ Morning Routine

Morning Routines are different for everyone. And there is no one perfect routine that works for everyone either. Below are a few other morning routines by people from different ages, and hopefully some can inspire you!

Jeanelle | High School Junior |

  • Wake up 6:01 am
  • Out of bed by 6:05 am
  • Get dressed by 6:20
  • Bathroom: take my pill, do makeup, brush/do hair, deodorant, etc by 6:35 (I’m a night shower person so don’t have to worry about that)
  • Make breakfast. Ideally an egg, toast, and a smoothie. Done by 6:45
  • @fontfreaks / Julia arrives
  • Get bag together, put shoes on, check weather and choose jacket. Done by 6:55
  • Get school snack/tea (with Julia’s help) and keys, out to the car by 7 am, 7:02 at the latest.
  • Drive to school, parked and out of car by 7:06
  • Walk into school, part ways with Julia, and get into a seat at in class by 7:11 for the beginning of AM.

Di | Grade 11 in the US |

  • I tend to get up ten minutes after my alarm
  • then grab breakfast as quickly as possible (normally oatmeal and fruit)
  • I’ll rush back upstairs to clean my teeth, wash my face, and do my hair, sweep the floor
  • and then get out of my pajamas and put clothes on for school
  • I spend 5 minutes on flashcards before I leave, and then walk to the bus stop
  • It take about 30 min, total

Anonymous | University: Third year

  • Wash face, brush teeth, comb hair;
  • Clean my cats’ toilet
  • Put on clothes, in which I go to university
  • Make a tea and sometimes some porridge
  • Scroll all my feed and have breakfast at the same time
  • Go to university.
  • Sometimes I collect my backpack, but I try to do it in the evening because in the morning I want to sleep and I always forget to take something.

Anonymous | 22, Trainee teacher |


  • This was a really great, well thought out post! I've tried to work out in the morning and on the days I did, I definitely felt more energized. However, sometimes it involves waking up way too early! I love that you like to make your lists in the morning to set out your intentions for the day! I'm personally kind of all over the place lol. I'm also jealous you all have your beauty routines short and succinct! I take 30 minutes minimum (thank god for audio review stuff for med students lol).
    • Sabrina
      Hey thank you! I can't really afford to take too long for my beauty routines or I would be late for class all the time :/
  • Here is mine! I did it just now because I decided to put some order in my morning after reading this! And yes, I put some early violin practice: I know that the the thought of missing on my practice will get me out of bed! Oh, and I often check my flashcards/notes/whatever in the bus. Morning Routine Hey! We both know you hate getting out of bed. Especially early. Especially on days when you don’t necessarily have to. Well, you need to. Why? 1. Because it’ll make your mornings more productive; 2. Because your body will adjust itself to waking up at this hour and it will be easier for you when you really have to (i.e. Tuesdays and Fridays); 3. Because I want you to put a smile on thy face from the moment you open your eyes. Ready? Alarm rings 5:40 Alarm rings again; actually get out of bed 5:45 Smile; Drink a glass of water 1 min Stretch 2 min Do your bed (so you cannot go back into it) 5 min Sit on your bed and play some violin 20 min Pick some nice clothes 3 min Get into the shower; get out of it and dress 5 min Brush teeth 3 min Skin care & makeup 5 min Get out of bathroom; take your backpack; go downstairs 1 min Prepare lunch 5 min Breakfast while doing to-do list 15-20 min Put coat on and out of the door! or sit on your desk and study 5 min; 7:00
    • So what time do you go to sleep? I know you posted this months ago, but I'm trying to decide my own routine...
  • Elijah Cooper
    I've just bookmarked this page, great site!
  • fruitful suggestion for me .. i will text u again if it will work ...☺ if it will work ... 'll write u back ☺
  • Anonymous
    Sabrina I would like to know how to be focused in times of pain.

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