15 Popular YouTube Channels To Study Math

While it not everybody is exactly raring to study Math, it’s an inevitably important subject that always gets tackled in class – even up to university.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be boring. We’ve asked the professional editors at Essay Scholar Advisor and these are the 15 YouTube channels for quick Math reviews they recommend.

1. Mathantics

Need to brush up on the basics? Mathantics gives free online tutorials on core mathematical principles like long division, operations with integers, and multiplying multi-digits through their videos. Limited offers also provide exercises, examples, worksheets, and even answers.

2. Learn Math Tutorials


If you really want to see an equation in action, the Learn Math Tutorials channel is for you. These visual tutorials are one to ten-minute videos of board demonstrations on more complex topics like intermediate algebra.

3. Tecmath

Tecmath offers great techniques on how to make your math pickup faster. This channel provides great training for time-constrained exams that require you to think fast and on your feet. Ranging anywhere from simple numeral operations to more complex algebraic formulas, Tecmath is sure to train your brain.

4. Mr. McLogan’s Math Channel

Originally meant for his own students, Brian McLogan branched out to YouTube videos to help other students struggling with math. Most of McLogan’s videos are self-recordings of his own classes, but it will come in handy for anyone who wants to review their high school maths.

5. MisterNumbers

Have an innate love of numbers? MisterNumbers might be your channel. Hosted by Tom Biesanz, these YouTube tutorials take on an innovative view of math and training your brain to process numbers faster. Utilizing right brain functions to look at what was originally thought of as a wholly ‘left-brained’ discipline like Math, MisterNumbers gives a fresh perspective in learning.

6. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides a range of other subjects for your study – including Math. One of the largest YouTube learning channels available, Khan Academy can review your math skills through homework help, games, and even a few cool games to stimulate your senses. Following its founder’s mantra, these tutorials aim to make math learning fun and easy.

7. TED Ed

TED is well known for inspirational talks by famous thought leaders, but it also has a channel specifically for crash courses on a wide range of subjects, from social sciences to mathematics. This extensive library of learning videos can really liven up your love for learning and give you access to a wide range of materials online.

8. EducateTube.com

EducateTube is another great resource for online learning. A whole collection of GED math video tutorials is available in the channel, but there are other lists for simple math tricks and math in day-to-day action as well. Other than its math tutorials, EducateTube also offers tech reviews for cool new gadgets.

9. Numberphile

As a channel for both math educators and learners alike, Numberphile gives quirky perspectives on math learning. Putting a whole new twist to the way we look at numbers, this YouTube channel is dedicated to creative learning and informative Math and Science trivia. Don’t love numbers yet? Numberphile will help you study how.

10. PatrickJMT Math Videos

Specializing in advanced math classes, one community college professor decided to set up a YouTube channel to help students struggling with a massive waterloo. Through his online videos, this professor shares no-frills tutorials with on-the-spot problem solving to guide students through a step-by-step process on their own work. With a huge and growing following, PatrickJMT Math Videos is definitely a YouTube channel to watch out for.

11. VCE Further Maths Help

Focusing on a VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) course, this channel provides students with resources on how to deal with more advanced Math like Trigonometry and advanced algebraic equations. Its videos involve dealing with graphs, charts, and analyzing data.

12. Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth is a wonderful online resource for students who want to review their classroom lectures. With the feel of a classroom setting, the Math Mammoth channel host lays everything out neatly for the online student on a whiteboard while verbally explaining the process. Aside from more advanced tutorials on statistics and decimal arithmetic, Math Mammoth also has playlists on telling time and math facts for younger audiences.

13. YouTube Teachers

An interesting wealth of sites organized by professionals and students for fellow learners has sprouted up online. While the former is a student-organized group aimed at helping other students with their writing, YouTube Teachers is likewise a site from experienced educators who have compiled their tutorials for students around the world.

14. Ten Marks

Ten Marks isn’t just for students – it’s also for those who are interested in spreading math learning. If you’re planning not only to study but also to tutor a classmate or a younger student, then this site’s techniques are available via livestream videos. Check out the channel for more interesting details on how to conduct math webinars and implement the Ten Marks technique.

15. Math TV

As its name suggests, Math TV is a channel solely dedicated to the subject. Like Ten Marks, it provides tips not just for students, but also for those who want to pass on the knowledge to their peers or tutees. With 119 videos in total, Math TV is a reliable resource for math learners and educators.


  • Khan Academy was my lifesaver in first year maths! It's sooooo good for explaining concepts.
    • Yes, Alana, I definitely agree. One of my favorite online learning platforms!
  • Anonymous
    the best teacher for clear concept and math study in a easy way is STUDYEZEE...by alok sir

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