5 Advice On Handling College Admissions Stress

If you are a high school student applying for admissions, stress is a word you are probably familiar with. Throughout the final year of high school, seniors are busy juggling college applications, finalizing college lists, worrying about recommendation letters, retaking standardized tests and constantly stressing about whether or not they will get into their choice of school. While it is no surprise you are panicking over meeting college admission requirements, it is imperative you slow down and take a deep breath. Here’s some help on handling college admissions stress.


1. Trust Your Instincts

It is normal for family members and friends to bombard you with opinions and advice in addition to suggestions from your current school and counselors. Sometimes, the amount of information can get too overwhelming or conflict to absorb, especially when you are applying to foreign medical schools.

While it is important you keep an open mind and learn from other people’s experiences, remember to trust your own instincts first. Ultimately, the decisions you make right now will affect your entire future, hence do not get influenced by others when selecting a school or writing an essay. Be true to yourself and trust your gut. You made it this far, didn’t you?


2. Get To Know Your Guidance Counselor

It is the time you establish a healthy relationship with your guidance counselor. While they are obligated to help students through the application process, they are likely to offer you more attention and guidance if they know and like you. Guidance counselors should be your go-to resource if you have any questions related to the admission process or are in need of some expert advice so there is no harm in being a little friendly. A warm smile and saying your please and thank yous are subtle ways to getting into everybody’s good books.


3. Work On Your Personal Statement

A killer personal statement is an excellent way to help you stand out. Use the opportunity to discuss your passions and interests. While many candidates may achieve the same test scores as you, they are not the same person and do not have same skills and personality as yours. You can consider getting help from professional personal statement writers or simply write one yourself. Do not forget to get a head start so that you have plenty of time to survey different ideas.


4. Have Fun

This is your senior year, hence you should be enjoying yourself. Spend time with your close friends and go on outings together. You may not be able to see them as much when you head off to college. Also, do not forget about your parents and close family members. They too will miss you when you head off to start your new life. Keep your grades up and continue writing your personal essays but also take out the time to rewind and relax with friends and family.

High school will end and you will eventually head off to college. Work on an excellent personal statement for admission, stay organized and have plenty of fun to cope with the college application process. Good luck!


5. Research

It is important to research the latest formats and look at some examples of personal statements. You will feel less stressed if you know you are doing it the right way. Do not let this process stress you out. It is better to be educated in this field and apply your new found knowledge. When you research a topic, it gives you confidence and it will show in your writing. Confidence will eliminate most of the stress and allow you to enjoy the process a little more. Speak to other students and get their advice on the admissions process. You should gather an arsenal of information and this way, you will be ready for anything thrown at you.

Is your college admission process stressful? What are some things you would do to relieve the stress? Tell me in the comment section below!


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