Get Your Dream Job Series

Whether you are finding an internship, job opportunities, or just any applications in general, you may need to submit a CV, a cover letter, and have an interview. And getting every opportunity may mean gaining and enhancing your skill sets, meeting new inspiring people, and a valuable challenge to yourself. Thus, if you don’t want to miss the opportunities, you may need to think about how you can perfect your CVs, cover letters and interviews in order to get the opportunity.

And here is a list of career tips that would help you.

CVs & Resumes

1. [Infographic] Get Your CVs/Resumes Right to Get the Job

2. How to Write CV If You Have Nothing to Write About Experience

3. [Infographic] How to Get Your CV Seen By Recruiters

4. 10 Tools For Creating A Stunning Resume


5. Top Interview Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

6. How To Best Prepare For An Interview

That’s it! We hope you would enjoy this month’s posts, including the Get Your Dream Job series!


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