Series: Top Tips for Exam and Tests

Hello December! To students, this awesome month means only two things – the first one is Christmas (obviously, because who isn’t excited for Christmas), and second – finals. I know, I am really sorry that I have to remind you again of it, but that’s the whole point of this blog right? We are here to help you with some great and helpful exam tips to get through your examination! So if you are feeling very anxious and dreadful, what I am going to announce below will definitely excite you.

In the month of December, I will be writing and posting three times a week – that means everything is written by me now, and there won’t be guest post until the final season ends! But how does that matter to you? Well, I am writing a series of posts on exam preparation and test taking tips! While I  can’t tell you what exactly I am sharing in the posts now, I have to tell you that these exam tips are going to be extremely helpful!

Are you ready for this exam series yet? Starting from this Saturday, you will be getting 6 posts on exam tips from me! Check out the series here!

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Exam Preparation

Test-taking tips

Handling Exam Stress

If you haven’t signed up already, make sure to join our course on How to Study for Exams Effectively! You will be getting exclusive tips on exam preparation (which I didn’t and won’t cover in any of the posts)!


  • Aashna
    Amazing tips! :D I wish I had known when I was studying for IGCSE and A Level.
    • Aww, I hope they can help you just as well as in college/university!

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