Why You Need To Establish A Network Before Graduating

Some people have an increased need for communication. For them, many contacts are not tiresome at all. They consider them beneficial. In their way of creating networks, there are a lot of non-materialistic, unpragmatic things. It is a source of inspiration. They simply attract people. Besides, they get valuable social benefits from their communication. But this is not their primary goal. Are you such a person? If yes, well, congratulations! The only thing you need to learn is how to use your networks properly in your future career. If you are not like this at all, or you do not understand why anybody needs networking, in this article we are going to show you some directions in which your network can be applied (when you have it). So, here are our smart tips on why you need to establish a network before graduating.

Reason #1. You never know

It is impossible to predict in advance which of your friends today, if any, will be still there for you in your life after graduation. This is not about sentiments and true friendship. There are plenty possible circumstances, why people stop to communicate after graduation. If later you want to have people to share your college or university memories with, try to get as many friends as you can now. Networking before graduation is more like guessing. After university or college, you will see more clearly whether this or that person is what you need. But again: you never know.


Reason #2. Chances

Not obvious opportunities, but chances. Every relationship in our life is a potential chance to get something more of it – friendship, family, job, money, etc. Take chances! For this reason, social networks are often used. But they are only good if you make them work. No one asks you to become a super-popular blogger, but you still should make your pages interesting.


Reason #3. School vs. Real Life

You may be good at mastering your subjects or doing your homework. This shows you as a hard-working, intelligent person. And your life after graduation will require those traits for sure. It will also require you to be communicative because communication is the basis of today’s life. If you don’t have a network now, what makes you think that it will come up further? Learn to use social networks as a networking tool now! They are not only for chatting and posting pictures, although if you do it wisely, it will also do.


Reason #4. Job Advice

There are plenty of cases when you need your network when you are searching for a job. The first one is when someone advises you a company he or she trusts. Or suggests a future work direction. This can easily be your teacher, for instance. Mind that others will only want to give you some job advice or recommend you to a potential employer if you’ve proven to have the professional qualities required for the job in question. People care about their reputation and don’t want to contaminate it because of you.


Reason #5. Competitiveness

When everybody in your year is trying to find jobs at once, it is really hard to prove why you’ll make a better employee than the others. That is why it would be nice if some of your potential employers knew about you before you graduate. Try to get some unpaid internship during your studies. It will increase your chances immensely, mainly because of networking. Choose summer jobs. In many colleges and universities working during the year is frowned upon. Sometimes you are better to forget about competitiveness for a moment. Invite your group mates to work with you: this is also a very productive type of networking.


Reason #6. Help in the Ongoing Work Later

Sometimes you need to ask for information that is not on the surface. Or you need someone with the same background as yours to help you. Well, who can be better than your professors and ex-group mates? Plus, such relationships are more often mutually beneficial than those with other people.


Reason #7. Finding The Right People to Help You

Remember that each person in your network has his or her network, too. Sometimes it can be really convenient if you are looking for a real professional to hire. Don’t forget that you have to strengthen the relationships once in a while. This is done only through meetings, proper eye-contacts, and handshakes.


Reason #8. An Interesting Part-Time Job

This can be a result of good networking before and after graduation. During your studies, you communicate to a lot with people, and they can help you to earn some extra money after graduation. Besides, it also works in the opposite direction: a part-time job at university or college helps you to build the network.


Reason #9. Solving various personal issues

Anything from roofing to legal support! One may ask why bother now, before graduation? Because good relationships need time! Your teacher can help you with a job only because he/she has an opportunity to and feels the responsibility for you. Personal problems are your problems. No one is responsible for them. So, having someone to help solve them means to have a little closer relationship. Here, you have to understand that it is vital to make this work both ways. Take care of others, and they can sometimes help you back.

Reason #10. Practicing Networking

As you can see, you will need networking all through your future career. But people and networking skills do not appear out of nowhere. The earlier you start practicing to be more social, the better!

Triumphs in our life, our career, our ability to solve important personal and work issues often depend on our network. Don’t hesitate to use your personal charm and charisma to establish your network. Even if you are genuinely afraid to communicate with strangers, you should find ways to overcome that fear. Networking will help you achieve professional and personal success.


Do you think it is important to establish a network before graduating? How do you do that? Let me know in the comments!




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