Get Your CVs & Resumes Right to Get the Job [Infographic]

[This is #1 of Get Your Dream Job Series: Common CVs/Resumes Mistakes]

You wouldn’t turn up for a job interview in the same clothes that you’d wear while going for a run. Likewise, you’re not going to walk into the interview by slapping the recruiter on the back and saying ‘Hey pal, what’s up?’. You would be sensible enough to realize that these would instantly end your chances of landing the job.

What may not be so apparent is that a faulty résumé does the same thing. It probably happens the world over that a candidate would be the perfect fit for a vacancy, but he/she fails to apply with a résumé to match and, because of this, they won’t even be considered for an interview.

In this infographic, Australian payroll and contractor management company Ayers ( highlight the common mistakes that ruin candidates’ job prospects time and time again. It seems staggering that errors such as misspellings, incorrect grammar, meaningless clichés and a poorly-chosen font occur so often in job applications, but they do. In recent times, emojis have even found their way onto résumés. If they’ve found their way onto yours, one thing you won’t find is an email in your inbox from the recruiter to say that they’re interested in pursuing your application further.

Take a few minutes to read through the infographic below and review your résumé to see if you’re guilty of the most common, and damaging, job application crimes.



We hope this infographic offers you some insight on how to moderate your own resume! Please also tell us what you want to see next on Students Toolbox!

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