Weekly challenges that encourage you to implement to strategies to succeed 

If you are hoping to change your life for good, this is what you should sign up for.

Helping you succeed is our top priority. While teaching you study skills may be one way to help you succeed, nothing would really work unless you implement the strategies.

And I know the frustration of you signing up so many newsletters that you don't know what's useful and what's not anymore.

That's why you should sign up for this weekly challenge where I am going to give you a weekly tutorial on a specific topic on study skills, productivity or organization, and provide you with all the action steps for every day of the week.

So that you won't be left thinking - what exactly do I have to do after knowing these tips?

What will I get from the challenge?

You will get an email from me every week - but don't worry, it isn't your normal newsletter.

In this email, you will get:
  • Your weekly challenge - what you have to achieve this week
  • A tutorial for you to read before starting the challenge
  • A downloadable PDF file to guide you (e.g. a worksheet, a printable tutorial, a guide or a planner) 
  • A 7-day action plan that helps you to achieve this challenge

By signing up, you will get access to the subscriber-only ST Resource Library!

After you join, you will get a monthly password to the ST Resource Library to download all the resources I've prepared for you. That includes anything I have published before you signed up!

But who will keep me accountable?

Me and the fellow participants! To facilitate discussion and to ensure that we are all motivated, we are having a Facebook group for everyone who has joined us!

In this closed group, I will remind you of what you have to do for the challenge, give you some tips on how you can do better, and answer all the questions you may have!

Are you ready for the challenge?

By signing up, you are like joining a subscription service with access to actionable plans and packages, downloadable resources and tutorials - but for free!

What's better than having someone to encourage you and provide you with all the resources and things you need to know right to your inbox, without having you to search for it?