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Looking for e-learning sites? Here are the top online learning platforms that every students need to know about! You can also download our free self-learning journal to track your learning progress!

10 Online Learning Platforms for Students + Self-Learning Log

A lot of students worry about not knowing what they want to do in the future, or they feel frustrated and confused about their career path. Many students, like the three years ago me, don’t even know what we actually are interested in. So what helped me to transform myself from this very confused state to finally become […]
Want to study better next semester? Doing an end of semester reflection for your last semester will help! Here is a free evernote template kit to help you complete a reflection in areas including academics, health and lifestyle, career commitments and personal improvement!

End of Semester Reflection: an Important Part of the Learning Process

Congratulations, you have successfully completed a semester! I am so proud of you. It must be tough to go through all those assignments, lectures, and exams. Looking back, this semester seems longer than usual to me, and I felt like I have completed way more things than I could ever imagine. I am sure that you […]