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Jessica from broke all the rules and graduate with highest honors, and you can do the same! Click here to read how you can do that!

How I Broke All the Rules and Graduated With Highest Honors

You wouldn’t think that I graduated in the top 1% of my class at UC Berkeley if I told you what kind of college student I was. Because we all have an idea of what a straight A college student should look like, and I was its opposite. You could find me in a café […]
Read these tips on how you can be the best student in the group - these are some great study tips and hacks that you don't want to miss!

How to Become the Best Student in the Group

Have you ever looked at the top student in your class, and think – how is that even possible? Well, being the best student in the group is absolutely possible. All you need is to have the determination to become the best one and a little bit of discipline to follow our tips. Here is […]
Wondering Why You Need to Establish a Network Before Graduating? Here is the reason why, and some networking tips you need to know in order to be more professional! | Students Toolbox

Why You Need To Establish A Network Before Graduating

Some people have an increased need for communication. For them, many contacts are not tiresome at all. They consider them beneficial. In their way of creating networks, there are a lot of non-materialistic, unpragmatic things. It is a source of inspiration. They simply attract people. Besides, they get valuable social benefits from their communication. But […]
Need ideas on healthy meals on a budget? This post is great for your meal planning in college! Some meals are meatless, which are great for vegetarian and vegan! || 7 Great Cheap Healthy Meals on a Budget | Students Toolbox

7 Great Cheap Healthy Meals On A Budget

When you move out to University Halls for the first time, the harsh reality of how much money you spend each week can come as a shock. With social activities, school books and equipment- eating healthily can sometimes be at the bottom of your priority list. Eating pizza and takeaway food is fine – once […]
5 Ways To Prepare For College Exams | Students Toolbox | Tips on creating a study schedule, having brain food, prioritizing and studying in a group.

5 Ways To Prepare For College Exams

Exam time is stressful for every student who has to take an exam. It is a time of late-night studying, worrying and running on empty. But does it have to be so stressful? The answer is no. There are strategies you can use to reduce your stress when it’s time to take exams. Please read […]
Updated: How I Take Notes For Lectures and Tutorials

How I Take Notes For Lectures and Tutorials

[This is #7 of Back To School Series: How I take notes for class] If you have followed me on my Tumblr blog, you would probably know that I love finding ways to take notes. Taking notes is indeed a great way to prepare for exams. Prior to having Students Toolbox, I have been posting […]