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Group projects are annoying, I know. So why not find out how you can work more effectively with your group and do well in team work? Here is the guide and tips for all your school and college group projects!

The Guide to Working Effectively in Group Projects

Group projects are something that almost every student finds to be dreadful. Some may try to avoid it as much as possible to choose courses that don’t require any teamwork, others may try to push it off and just hope that it goes well. But let’s face the reality – almost all of us have to face at […]
Do you know that having a study routine can make studying in school and college much easier and more effective? Learn how you can do your daily, weekly, and monthly review + download your free study checklist here!

How the 1-7-30 Study Routine Helped Me Succeed in School

There are a lot of tips and posts out there that tell you all about how you can get the most result by paying the least effort. But do they really work? Does success really come without hard work? The answer is no. Every success requires you to put effort into it and work towards your […]
Getting organized is really essential for students, and Asana is a perfect tool to help you prioritize your tasks and organize your to-dos. Check out how Emma organize her life using Asana!

How I Use Asana to Organize My Life as a Student

Organization. Ew. I feel like the words organization, productivity and time management can seem like taboo words to a student. Hearing those words always makes me squirm. It’s really difficult to get organized and to stay organized. I have tried many different apps, systems and planners to try and get myself organized, but every time I try a new system, it never works out. […]
Need some study tips on improving your memory? Here are some learning hacks to help you memorize things easier and faster!

One Secret to Improving Your Memory for Studying

Memorization is an inevitable step in learning. Many assessment modes in school and college involve memorization, like exams, tests, presentations, speeches etc. A lot students seem to find it difficult to remember a huge amount of information. Memorization, then, makes the whole learning process frustrating and annoying. But that shouldn’t be the case! Learning can be […]
Although it has not been proved yet that listening to music can actually raise the IQ, but it has certainly been shown that music can help in learning math.

Why Can Music Help You in Math?

Apparently, it is true! Listening to music really can help your math skills. This may be hard to understand, how two totally different subjects, music, and math, can be related in this way but there is a lot of evidence which shows how music can have a positive effect on math studies. There are many […]
Do you struggle to focus in class? Here are 3 brain rules and powerful hacks and tips for students that can help you better pay attention in class and get the most from it!

3 Powerful Brain Hacks to Help You Focus in Class

Have you had the experience of sitting in the classroom but not paying attention at all? Have you tried walking out the classroom without knowing what is being taught at all during class? Or, have you tried really hard paying attention for the first 10 minutes, then start to zone out and give up listening? […]
Want to make your commute time to college and to work productive? Here are some tips along with some essentials (including some app recommendations!) that are going to help you!

How to Stay Productive On Your Commute

Many students spend most of their time on commute – whether it is for going to school or university, going back home, or to work, or traveling to elsewhere. Most of us spend this time day dreaming, listening to music, or playing games on your phone… and many of us would find this commute time to be […]
Jessica from broke all the rules and graduate with highest honors, and you can do the same! Click here to read how you can do that!

How I Broke All the Rules and Graduated With Highest Honors

You wouldn’t think that I graduated in the top 1% of my class at UC Berkeley if I told you what kind of college student I was. Because we all have an idea of what a straight A college student should look like, and I was its opposite. You could find me in a café […]
Wondering what to do during syllabus week and the first day of school? Here are some important tips for college and high school students some the things that you need to do in order to get ahead for this semester!

8 Things Every Student Should Do During Syllabus Week

How is the start of your semester? Are your classes going great for you, or are you still struggling what classes and commitments to take for the next semester? Well, I have to be totally honest that it is definitely hard to adjust to the school routine after a whole month of holiday. Luckily, for […]