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Forming a study group can make studying more effective and interesting. Read these tips on how you can form and join a study group in college and school and get the most of it!

How to Conduct a Successful and Effective Study Group

Most students quiver at the thought of exams, they can be stressful and require endless hours of revising. Some students are spending long days in the library, others huddle up their bedrooms drinking copious amounts of coffee to stay awake and get through their books. These methods can work for some people but the bigger […]
Do you know that having a study routine can make studying in school and college much easier and more effective? Learn how you can do your daily, weekly, and monthly review + download your free study checklist here!

How the 1-7-30 Study Routine Helped Me Succeed in School

There are a lot of tips and posts out there that tell you all about how you can get the most result by paying the least effort. But do they really work? Does success really come without hard work? The answer is no. Every success requires you to put effort into it and work towards your […]
Although it has not been proved yet that listening to music can actually raise the IQ, but it has certainly been shown that music can help in learning math.

Why Can Music Help You in Math?

Apparently, it is true! Listening to music really can help your math skills. This may be hard to understand, how two totally different subjects, music, and math, can be related in this way but there is a lot of evidence which shows how music can have a positive effect on math studies. There are many […]
Learn the 7 steps to forming good and healthy habits by reading this infographic! Get to know how you can develop study habits of successful people and students by reading this infographic! || 7 Steps to Developing Good Habits - Students Toolbox

7 Steps To Developing Good Habits

Do you ever struggle with being consistent, and getting motivated to study? Somehow, studying well, or being motivated to study, means you get into a regular habit of studying. I have previously introduced some great study habits that you should keep in order to succeed in school. Now, this is an infographic on the ways of […]
How To Develop Your Study Skills

How To Develop Your Study Skills [Infographic]

 The ideal situation when it comes to studying is to aim for ‘working smarter, not harder’. While this can be easier said than done, there are a number of methods that can be applied and tips that can be taken on board to assist with developing a student’s study skills. One of the major things […]
5 Ways to Improve Learning Skills

5 Ways to Improve Learning Skills

The ability to learn new things quickly is extremely valuable these days, whether we talk about education or career building. Have you ever noticed that one day you can grasp new information very quickly while the other day you cannot remember even the easiest things? The same can be observed with different types of information […]