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Want to know the study skills and strategies for studying for exams? Click here to learn some time management skills and study techniques that can help you ace your exams, and download the free exam study planner kit that comes with a summary guide and exam study planners!

Top Strategies to Study for Exams Effectively + Exam Study Kit

When faced with exams, many students immediately link it with stress, fear, and procrastination. Most of the time, however, exams are unavoidable. Worse still, they may have a possibility of changing your future. You may wonder: How can I study for exams and perform well in it? Is there any study strategies and study skills that […]
If you are looking for tips and a comprehensive guide on answering and writing essay questions in exams and tests in college and university, this printable has some perfect tips to help you ace the essay-type exam and finals (including tips on sketching the outline and structuring your introduction and paragraphs)! Download it now on!

How to Answer Essay Questions in Exams

Many students are afraid of essay-type questions. They may worry about not being able to write anything, or they may think that they can’t answer the questions well. In the previous posts, I have covered a bit on how to write a good essay (which is helpful for essay writing in exams as well), but here I am […]
Read these tips and strategies for your tests/exams/assessments of multiple choice questions to boost your grades!!

Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests

Do you think multiple-choice tests are easier than essay type questions? A lot of students think so, and I used to think the same as well. But then I realized that having multiple choice questions for exams definitely does not mean that it is easier, nor does it mean that you don’t have to put as much […]
Ever wondered how you can perform well in an exam? This guide has a bunch of helpful test taking tips and strategies to help you succeed in your exams and get good grades!! Read more on Students Toolbox!

Test-Taking Tips and Strategies to Succeed in Exams

You have studied well for your exam, wrapped everything up yesterday and had a nice sleep, and now you are in the exam hall with your exam papers in your hand. Then suddenly you have these questions in your mind. How should I begin answering all these questions? This is very common to a lot of students. […]
Get the Free Printable Checklist on things you should do and how you can study and prepare for your exam!!! It covers everything from how to reducing stress to science-backed exam study tips for high school and college students! | Science-backed Study Tips to Ace an Exam | Students Toolbox

Science-Backed Study Tips to Ace Your Exam + Checklist

As we are getting closer to the final season, a lot of us would frantically search for exam study tips and skills to help us better prepare for finals. I have previously covered quite a lot on how to prepare for exams (and I have also got a free email course on how to study for […]
5 Ways To Prepare For College Exams | Students Toolbox | Tips on creating a study schedule, having brain food, prioritizing and studying in a group.

5 Ways To Prepare For College Exams

Exam time is stressful for every student who has to take an exam. It is a time of late-night studying, worrying and running on empty. But does it have to be so stressful? The answer is no. There are strategies you can use to reduce your stress when it’s time to take exams. Please read […]
5 Useful Tips On How to Deal With Stress During Exam

5 Useful Tips On How to Deal With Stress During Exams

Exams represent the kind of stressful situations that each and every one of us has been through since we have all been exposed to the education system at some point. Even a good and the well-prepared student is not safe from getting overly nervous during the exam. In fact, it is often the case that […]
Need some tips and motivation for exam preparation and How to Study for Exams in a Week? This step-by-step guide can definitely help reduce your stress and ace your exam!

How to Study for Exams in a Week

Is your exam only a week away? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. As an extension of the post “The Best Ways to Prepare for Final Exams“, we are here to give a step-by-step guide on how to study for exams in a week as suggested by one of our readers. In fact, how to study for […]
The Best Ways to Prepare for Final Exams

The Best Ways to Prepare for Final Exams

Finals are approaching, and we all know how painful it feels to look at a huge amount of materials knowing that finals are just a few weeks, or even days away. In this post, I am going to answer some questions related to preparing for exams, including how to make a study plan and how to […]