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Do you know that having a study routine can make studying in school and college much easier and more effective? Learn how you can do your daily, weekly, and monthly review + download your free study checklist here!

How the 1-7-30 Study Routine Helped Me Succeed in School

There are a lot of tips and posts out there that tell you all about how you can get the most result by paying the least effort. But do they really work? Does success really come without hard work? The answer is no. Every success requires you to put effort into it and work towards your […]
Jessica from broke all the rules and graduate with highest honors, and you can do the same! Click here to read how you can do that!

How I Broke All the Rules and Graduated With Highest Honors

You wouldn’t think that I graduated in the top 1% of my class at UC Berkeley if I told you what kind of college student I was. Because we all have an idea of what a straight A college student should look like, and I was its opposite. You could find me in a café […]
Wondering what to do during syllabus week and the first day of school? Here are some important tips for college and high school students some the things that you need to do in order to get ahead for this semester!

8 Things Every Student Should Do During Syllabus Week

How is the start of your semester? Are your classes going great for you, or are you still struggling what classes and commitments to take for the next semester? Well, I have to be totally honest that it is definitely hard to adjust to the school routine after a whole month of holiday. Luckily, for […]
10 Tips For Doing Well In Online Classes

10 Tips For Doing Well In Online Classes

Nowadays, everything is online, whether it is communication, sharing platforms, or education. Distant learning or online courses are a great help for people who prefer to stay home for education or people who are not available to attend schools. Not only do they preserve the value of the education, they sometimes are able to deliver […]
Updated: How I Take Notes For Lectures and Tutorials

How I Take Notes For Lectures and Tutorials

[This is #7 of Back To School Series: How I take notes for class] If you have followed me on my Tumblr blog, you would probably know that I love finding ways to take notes. Taking notes is indeed a great way to prepare for exams. Prior to having Students Toolbox, I have been posting […]
Tips for Choosing Your Classes and Arranging Your Schedule

Tips for Choosing Classes and Arranging Schedule

[This is #2 of Back To School Series.] Picking your classes and arranging your schedule always determines how well you can do in class, and how you are able to manage your time. And of course, both of which will greatly determine your GPA. On our second post on the Back To School series, I would like […]
Best Ways to Survive School With a Bad Teacher

Best Ways to Survive School With a Bad Teacher

Most students suffer a common problem at school – that we have teachers that don’t explain things well, that are not very motivating, and that don’t give you much guidance. Some of them are really harsh as well. Some of them may be very biased, leaving other students in frustration and distress. So the question […]
Why and How Should You Prepare for Lectures?

Why and How Should You Prepare for Lectures?

Have you ever had the experience of walking out of the lecture hall thinking what actually happened for the past two hours? That occurred to me a lot, and it may be the case for a lot of students as well. In order to prevent that from happening, and to get the most from your […]