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By becoming an early riser, you can be healthier, happier, more productive and proactive, and get better grades. Click here to download the pdf for free app recommendations to help you get better sleep and wake up early in the morning!

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Early Riser + App Recommendations

Have you ever wondered how becoming an early riser can make a difference in your life? Imagine the you that are struggling to wake up in the morning, and constantly presses the snooze button only to wake up at the very last minute. You then frantically put everything in your bag, get ready in the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Productivity for Students + Productivity Workbook

Productivity is something we struggle a lot as a student, whether you are in college, high school, or grad school. Often, we are faced with the question “why do you we have to study anyway?”. This thought deters us from working productively, let alone achieving more. When it comes to productivity, there is more than just […]
Want to overcome procrastination and focus better? The pomodoro technique will boost and enhance your productivity! Take a look at these time management app recommendations, and download the free daily task planner!

Boost Your Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique + Daily Task Planner

Getting distracted and procrastination is one of the most common obstacles every student encounters. So many of you have told me that you are struggling with procrastination, and you really want to know how to focus better. I have been searching for the key to productivity for so long, and the Pomodoro method is honestly a […]
Want to make your commute time to college and to work productive? Here are some tips along with some essentials (including some app recommendations!) that are going to help you!

How to Stay Productive On Your Commute

Many students spend most of their time on commute – whether it is for going to school or university, going back home, or to work, or traveling to elsewhere. Most of us spend this time day dreaming, listening to music, or playing games on your phone… and many of us would find this commute time to be […]
Wondering what to do during syllabus week and the first day of school? Here are some important tips for college and high school students some the things that you need to do in order to get ahead for this semester!

8 Things Every Student Should Do During Syllabus Week

How is the start of your semester? Are your classes going great for you, or are you still struggling what classes and commitments to take for the next semester? Well, I have to be totally honest that it is definitely hard to adjust to the school routine after a whole month of holiday. Luckily, for […]
Want to know how you can find motivation in school and college by setting better goals? This article by Sam Burian from will be able to tell you all about it!

How to Find Motivation With One Simple Method

Goals rarely help us find motivation. I mean, of the thousands of us who set new year’s resolutions, how many actually stick with them until the following January? Plus, it takes so much effort to come up with the perfect goal that it almost isn’t worth trying. We fail for 3 reasons: Our goals are too […]
Want to know how to start your new year right? Here are some ideas and inspirations on how you can set goals and achieve them, along with a free printable goal setting worksheet for you to fill in and plan your life/year ahead!

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Happy New Year, readers of Students Toolbox! Whether you are a student or a professional, new year is always a great time to start thinking about how you can set goals for growth in different areas, like school, your work, business, health, mindset etc. We have always heard that very few people can actually achieve their new […]
How I Balance College, Work, Blogging And Social Life

How I Balance College, Work, Blogging And Social Life

This semester, I am taking up one part-time paid intern at an HR consultancy, a part-time intern at an NGO for university credits, one research assistant position, and of course, blogging. Oh, and did I forget to mention college? So if we are not counting social life, I am taking up 5 commitments. And I […]
10 Tips For Doing Well In Online Classes

10 Tips For Doing Well In Online Classes

Nowadays, everything is online, whether it is communication, sharing platforms, or education. Distant learning or online courses are a great help for people who prefer to stay home for education or people who are not available to attend schools. Not only do they preserve the value of the education, they sometimes are able to deliver […]
Why Multitasking is Bad for You and How to Stop It

Why Multitasking Is Bad For You And How To Stop It

Ability to accomplish several tasks simultaneously is called multitasking. Every student implements multitasking skill in everyday life. However, multitasking is not always connected with the process of studying. Frequently, studying is just one of the tasks that are to be accomplished, and it is surrounded by other less important things. A student may write an […]
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