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Getting organized is really essential for students, and Asana is a perfect tool to help you prioritize your tasks and organize your to-dos. Check out how Emma organize her life using Asana!

How I Use Asana to Organize My Life as a Student

Organization. Ew. I feel like the words organization, productivity and time management can seem like taboo words to a student. Hearing those words always makes me squirm. It’s really difficult to get organized and to stay organized. I have tried many different apps, systems and planners to try and get myself organized, but every time I try a new system, it never works out. […]
Thinking about what gifts and presents to get for your stationery addict friends or other students? This gift guide is perfect for you! It covers all the cute school and office supplies that you will love!

8 Gift Ideas for Students and Stationery Addicts + November Haul

I am so excited for this week’s post! I haven’t been posting a lot about stationery recently (I think the last one I did was in February!). Since I have just received a huge package from a local store of all the stationery I got online, I decide to share with you all these great stuff! […]