How to Become the Best Student in the Group

Have you ever looked at the top student in your class, and think – how is that even possible? Well, being the best student in the group is absolutely possible. All you need is to have the determination to become the best one and a little bit of discipline to follow our tips. Here is what we find useful on the way to becoming the prominent student.

1. Preparations

You should start with making all the preparations. You need to get all the supplies beforehand. Get a list of all the textbooks you will need in the course of studying (you can either buy new ones, get them from the library, or buy from the former students to save money). Make it easier for you to study, as you will find it difficult to study without the textbooks, and as a result, you can lose motivation.

2. Have a place to study.

It would be perfect if you had a particular office with a big desk and a comfortable chair. This place should be away from your family and friends who can get into the process of your studying. This study area should be well lit and comfortable enough so that you won’t get tired too easily.

3. Stay focused.

When going to study, make sure to mute your cell phone and stay away from social networks. Your friends need to understand that you have to study, so ask them to give you some time on your own before getting back to them. Staying focused is one of the keys to being the best student, as getting distracted, you will spend more time trying to concentrate again, and you are more likely to miss important aspects of the material.

4. Ask your tutors about their expectations.

If you want to be the best one and achieve more, you should see the goals clearly. For this, you need to ask them directly. Ask if they expect you to do additional work, or read other books on the topic. If so, then specify which ones to read and what to do to be ahead of other people in the group. Tutors love it when students are proactive.

5. Remember to have a planner where all the tasks, deadlines, and additional notes go.

You need to keep track of what you have to do, so be very accurate when writing everything down, so that no material, tests or vital information is missing.

6. Plan your time wisely.

You can get a calendar to mark important dates there not to forget as well as get a daily planner with the hours written down. You need it to be able to specify what task you will be doing during a very particular period. Time management gurus claim that setting deadlines are a key to staying within them.

7. Reward yourself for the good work.

To be always on track and stay motivated, you need to get some reward for the good job you are doing. Depending on your tastes and likes, you can get a sweet treat or watch a favorite movie after something is done. Knowing that something interesting is waiting for you ahead, is an exciting experience that will help you deal with difficult tasks and not hate the process of acquiring new knowledge.

8. Have a rest.

Once your brain gets too overloaded with important tasks to do, your productivity level will drop significantly. You need to get rest once in a while to be able to resume your studying with new strengths. You can go for a bike ride or watch a movie. No matter what it is, make sure to have rest in between your studying.

9. Study with friends.

If you notice that you easily get distracted, you need to study along with someone. Ask your friends if they would want to study together: this experience can be beneficial to all of you. You will stay more motivated to study, you will enjoy the process, you will have someone to look up to, and once you get stuck on a difficult task, you will have your friend explain it to you.

10. Finally, choose to sit on the front row and answer tutors’ questions.

Do not feel too shy to do it: being the best means being among the first. Stake initiative and try your best. Moreover, you will get to encourage your fellow students to study harder as well. SO you will all benefit from your desire to be the best and achieve more.

As you see, being the best student is not a rocket science: you can undoubtedly do it! So, be determined to make the most out of your studying, stay focused and equipped with materials and enjoy being among the leaders. You have to work on your success first, but it will pay in the future! Good luck!


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    love your work!!!
  • Syazwani Musa
    Omg this is just what i need!!! :') thank you so much for putting so much effort into doing this. Everyone wants to be the best and sometimes not everyone knows the key to doìng it. Having these tips sorted out is definitely very helpful to a student like me. Thanks again :*

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