Back To School Series

August is always the month of struggle. It is the best moment of summer, but at the same time, back-to-school is here. Let’s admit it, we all have this love-hate relationship with August, and we are torn between enjoying our holidays and buying school supplies for the next year. To celebrate (maybe?) the month of back to school, Students Toolbox is going to have a list of articles that can provide you with all the information, tips, tricks and hacks you need for back to school.

Got excited yet?

Either way, let’s first take a look at the following posts:

  1. 10 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Academic Year
  2. Tips for Choosing Your Classes and Arranging Your Schedule
  3. 5 Must-Try Psychological and Learning Ability Tests to Start off the Semester Right
  4. 5 Highly Effective Study Habits That Can Improve Grade and Performance
  5. Ways to Simplify Your Life and Make Yourself Happier and More Productive
  6. Updated: How I Take Notes For Lectures And Tutorials

I hope you enjoy this series, make sure to stay tuned for the posts and I wish you a fantastic school year! 🙂



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