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Everything you need to know to start your new school year in the right way

Want to do well in this academic year?

The start of a new school year is when most students, like you, set ambitious goals for yourself. You may want to be more proactive, study better, and hopefully earn good grades. After all, going back to school is always exciting because it indicates a fresh start for you. How can you make sure you can actually realize your goals? How can you start building good habits to achieve success in this academic year? This guide will tell you everything about starting a bright school year!


The Student Success Bootcamp is a brand new free training series that equips you with the right productivity and study strategies to prepare you for back to school. It is a short course designed to help you thrive in school and in life.

In this training, we are going to tell you all about some awesome techniques that can help you find motivation, build better study habits, and endorse effective learning systems that are going to change your way of studying.

You will receive an email from me every day for 5 days that gives you a detailed lesson on how you can improve one specific area of your studies or productivity, along with a free printable lesson guide for you to download in every lesson. 


5 Must-Try Psychological and Learning Tests to Start the New Semester Off Right
5 Must-Try Psychological and Learning Ability Tests to Start off the Semester Right
Learn about your personality and your learning style so that you can devise the right strategy and leverage your strengths in the next school year!
Do you know that by just changing your mindset and developing a growth mindset for students you can make a huge improvement on your academic performance? Read this article to find out how and download the free summary and worksheet!
If you want to improve your grades, the first thing you will need to do is to change your mindset. 
Want to know how to start your new year right? Here are some ideas and inspirations on how you can set goals and achieve them, along with a free printable goal setting worksheet for you to fill in and plan your life/year ahead!
How to set goals and achieve them
Do you have any goals for your exams? Learn how to set goals in the right way so that it can motivate you and help you achieve success.


10 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Academic Year
10 Ways to Prepare for a Successful Academic Year
Wondering what you need to do before school starts to get yourself ready for it? Here are 10 things you need to do!
Tips for Choosing Your Classes and Arranging Your Schedule
Tips for Choosing Your Classes and Arranging Your Schedule
Don't know which class you should take? Not sure how you should arrange your schedule? Here are some tips for you.


Wondering what to do during syllabus week and the first day of school? Here are some important tips for college and high school students some the things that you need to do in order to get ahead for this semester!
8 Things Every Student Should Do During Syllabus Week
Don't want to attend class in the first week? Re-think your choice! There are some key things you need to do in the syllabus week to have a bright start!
How to Create and Organize Your Study Space
how to create and organize your study space
Having a clean and organized study space can set yourself in the mood and motivate you to study.


5 Highly Effective Study Habits That Can Improve Grade and Performance
5 Highly effective study habits to improve your grade and performance
Studying is all about forming good habits, and these 5 habits are what you need to form in order to ace your exams.
Learn the 7 steps to forming good and healthy habits by reading this infographic! Get to know how you can develop study habits of successful people and students by reading this infographic! || 7 Steps to Developing Good Habits - Students Toolbox
Want to develop a good habit? Try these 7 steps!
Do you know that having a study routine can make studying in school and college much easier and more effective? Learn how you can do your daily, weekly, and monthly review + download your free study checklist here!
How the 1-7-30 study routine helped me succeed in school
A regular study routine can reduce your stress and help you learn everything in a progressive way. It is also the key to studying well for exams.


Want to overcome procrastination and focus better? The pomodoro technique will boost and enhance your productivity! Take a look at these time management app recommendations, and download the free daily task planner!
boost your productivity with the pomodoro technique
The Pomodoro technique is one of the most popular productivity strategy. This article describes its benefits and some detailed tips on how you can utilize it.
The ultimate guide to productivity for students
This 9-step productivity system can effectively transform your productivity and help you study effectively.


Why and How Should You Prepare for Lectures?
why and how you should prepare for lectures
To get the most from lectures and classes, sufficient preparation is essential. Here are a few things you need to do before class.
Wondering how you can take good lecture notes? Here are some tips for you to take notes effective in class - including my note-taking system using OneNote! Also make sure to download the free note-taking printable here!
How to take notes effectively in class
Taking notes is an awesome way to learn, and is vital for remembering information taught in class.
Do you struggle to focus in class? Here are 3 brain rules and powerful hacks and tips for students that can help you better pay attention in class and get the most from it!
3 powerful brain hacks to help you focus in class
It's very easy to get distracted in class, yet learning in class is a fundamental step of learning. Here are some scientifically proven tips on how you can focus during class.
Updated: How I Take Notes For Lectures and Tutorials
how i take notes in lectures and tutorials
This is my note-taking system for lectures and tutorials, and it may give you some inspiration to develop yours!


Get the FREE CHECKLIST PRINTABLE on textbook reading strategies and tips for college, high school, middle school students! - I talked about how to utilize SQ3R and make reading notes here || 4 Steps to Reading Your Textbook Effectively and Efficiently from Students Toolbox
4 steps to reading your textbook effectively and efficiently
Don't know how to pick out some key points and ideas from the textbook? This reading system is what you need.
How I Make and Use My Study Guides
This is my system for making my study guides and notes during finals preparation.
Want to know how you can create a useful study guide for your exam? Here are some tips for you high school and college students! Also make sure to download the free study guide plan worksheet!
how to create a study guide that actually helps
Creating a study guide is a key step to preparing for finals. This step helps you to organize and retain the information.


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