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The Benefits of Journaling for Historical Students

History, as any other most widely accepted subject, attracts learners who like the information and modes of thinking involved. Like any other college student, you will listen to lectures, participate in discussions, and do your homework. But the content you will learn will differ. What will you learn as a student in a history major? […]
By becoming an early riser, you can be healthier, happier, more productive and proactive, and get better grades. Click here to download the pdf for free app recommendations to help you get better sleep and wake up early in the morning!

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Early Riser + App Recommendations

Have you ever wondered how becoming an early riser can make a difference in your life? Imagine the you that are struggling to wake up in the morning, and constantly presses the snooze button only to wake up at the very last minute. You then frantically put everything in your bag, get ready in the […]
Looking for e-learning sites? Here are the top online learning platforms that every students need to know about! You can also download our free self-learning journal to track your learning progress!

10 Online Learning Platforms for Students + Self-Learning Log

A lot of students worry about not knowing what they want to do in the future, or they feel frustrated and confused about their career path. Many students, like the three years ago me, don’t even know what we actually are interested in. So what helped me to transform myself from this very confused state to finally become […]
Want to study better next semester? Doing an end of semester reflection for your last semester will help! Here is a free evernote template kit to help you complete a reflection in areas including academics, health and lifestyle, career commitments and personal improvement!

End of Semester Reflection: an Important Part of the Learning Process

Congratulations, you have successfully completed a semester! I am so proud of you. It must be tough to go through all those assignments, lectures, and exams. Looking back, this semester seems longer than usual to me, and I felt like I have completed way more things than I could ever imagine. I am sure that you […]
Want to know the study skills and strategies for studying for exams? Click here to learn some time management skills and study techniques that can help you ace your exams, and download the free exam study planner kit that comes with a summary guide and exam study planners!

Top Strategies to Study for Exams Effectively + Exam Study Kit

When faced with exams, many students immediately link it with stress, fear, and procrastination. Most of the time, however, exams are unavoidable. Worse still, they may have a possibility of changing your future. You may wonder: How can I study for exams and perform well in it? Is there any study strategies and study skills that […]
Do you know that by just changing your mindset and developing a growth mindset for students you can make a huge improvement on your academic performance? Read this article to find out how and download the free summary and worksheet!

The Power of the Growth Mindset for Students

Have you ever felt like you just don’t seem to have the motivation to study at all (even though you know you have to do it)? We have all been there. Having read and written study skills for quite a few years now, I realized that one impediment that a lot of students are encountering […]

The Ultimate Guide to Productivity for Students + Productivity Workbook

Productivity is something we struggle a lot as a student, whether you are in college, high school, or grad school. Often, we are faced with the question “why do you we have to study anyway?”. This thought deters us from working productively, let alone achieving more. When it comes to productivity, there is more than just […]
Trying to overcome procrastination, develop a study routine or overcome academic jealousy? Check out this month's Q&A on Students Toolbox!

March Q&A: Procrastination, Start Studying Early, Academic Jealousy

Starting from March, I will be doing a monthly Q&A and I will answer all the questions I have collected this month. This month, I will be answering questions on procrastination, jealousy and everything about my study routine. If you are interested in being featured in these monthly Q&As, feel free to send your questions […]