FREE PRINTABLES: Assignment and Project Planner

FREE PRINTABLES: Assignment and Project Planner

[This is #4 of Back To School Series.]

On the first few days of school, we start to get a list of assignments and projects we need to do for the coming year. This is when we should start adding the dates and assignments into your planner (click here to see 10 things you should do to start your academic year successfully) and make a plan to complete them.

Needless to say, doing a project or assignment may be quite frustrating. With a clear plan, however, the whole process may be much smoother, and you will have a clearer direction as to where to start and what to do. I have always loved to break things into smaller step. This will not only make a difficult task seems easier but will also reduce your stress and motivate you in the long run. Of course, this will also prevent you from procrastinating, so you can be sure to finish the project or assignment before the deadline.

With that, I have created a project and assignment planner printable (requested by a reader) to help you all complete your assignments. Whether you have to write an essay, a project, or a report, or even a college application essay, this may be helpful. Here is an image outlining how to use the printable, and I will explain it further down below.

project planner explained

On top of all the features you can see above, I hope to encourage you to prioritize your tasks and tag them in a way that can best organize everything for you. Here are some index and tags you may use when using this planner.

For the small box in requirements and to-dos:

  • *: very important
  • C: requirements/to-dos related to content
  • O: organization
  • F: formatting
  • D: deadlines
  • V: already completed
  • X: can ignore



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