Learn more about Sabrina and Students Toolbox

What is Students Toolbox?

  • Hello, I am Sabrina, the founder of Students Toolbox - a place that empowers and motivates students. If you are a student looking for tips to excel in school or to be a more productive and organized person, you are in the right place.
  • Students Toolbox is a resource that targets at helping students to succeed in school, career, and life. With articles, courses, and tools written and created by me and our contributors, we hope to provide you actionable tips and resources that help you thrive in school and life.

So who are you?

Founder of Students Toolbox,
Politics and Law Student
  • In 2014, I started a blog on Tumblr called strive-for-da-best. I started by writing about how I study and take notes. As more and more people read my posts, I began to have an idea to set up a platform to reach out to more people. This is how Students Toolbox is born.
  • I really love reading, writing, and learning. Anything related to self-help, personal development, motivation, education, psychology, and philosophy is within my area of interests. My passion also explains why I started this blog and why I am so dedicated to it.
  • I am always happy to connect with you! You can always find my through email, but you can also follow me on my social media platforms!

What can I get from Students Toolbox?

  • In Students Toolbox, you can get access to a comprehensive and organized library of articles, courses and printables that will help you:
  • 1. Study effectively: so that you can study less (and in the right way) and get more out of it. 
  • 2. Be more productive: overcome procrastination and get more done with less amount of time. 
  • 3. Get organized: so that you don't have to waste time finding what you need anymore.
  • 4. Get the opportunities you want: sharpen your interview skills, write better CVs and cover letters to get the internship or job you have longed for.

What resources do Students Toolbox provide?

  • We know that everyone learns differently, and some tools may work for you better than the others. Because of that, we have created different types of resources to help you.
  • 1. Blog Posts: A new blog post written by me will be up on Thursday, and a guest post will be up on Monday. These posts are clear and organized and contain actionable tips and tools/printables that go along with it.
  • 2. Printables: Good planners and printables can help you effectively. They can either help you get organized, or they can provide you with all the important tips on one sheet.
  • 3. Email Courses: Want to get all the valuable tips and tools delivered straight to your inbox? These courses are packed with some of my best tips and tools, and you're going to love it. 
  • We also have a weekly challenge going on - the ST Success Challenge!
  • The ST Success Challenge is all about empowering you and motivating you to develop good habits and strategies so that you can succeed in school, career, and life. If you sign up for the challenge, you will get an email every week with a weekly challenge, a detailed tutorial, a printable guide/worksheet, an action plan, and journal prompts! You will also get access to the ST Resource Library, which contains all the exclusive resources, including but not limited to checklists, planners, workbooks, and more!
  • All of these aim at guiding you and helping you implement the strategies and tips on Students Toolbox so that you can succeed in school, career, and life! We are providing you with a systematic system to help you improve in all aspects - and everything is free!