10 Educational Tools That Make Your Studying Process Easier and More Effective

Students today are lucky. They have all the help they need to make the studying process more easy and effective. All you have to do is go online (which you do anyway) and use your smartphone or tablet (which is connected to you at the hip).

This is especially true for the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, better known as STEM. Strangely enough, many students don’t take advantage of this convenience. These 10 educational tools are just what you need to make school a walk in a (safe) park.


You can get this app free on your desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget. It’s a tool where you can get instant feedback from your teacher or from classmates on assignments uploaded online.

If you are stumped on a problem, or unsure if your answer is correct, you can push the help button. If your teacher or classmate is online, he or she can send feedback or advice immediately. It is as good as having a tutor, or participating in a group study wherever you are.


Sometimes, two heads are better than one. You can use this free app to create a bubble map of ideas, and get other people to collaborate with you. The free plan works perfectly for sharing up to three mind maps, and you don’t even have to leave home to get together on that group project. Alternatively, your teacher might create a bubble map for all students, and you can jump right in with your ideas or see what others think.


If you are like most students, you love your social networks. Why not put this to good use by joining Edmodo, where you can find virtual class collaboration and discussion groups on all kinds of topics.

You don’t even have to stick to your own group, which can widen your circle of friends in a constructive way. You may even find that you enjoy learning from people from all walks of life and even different countries! You also have access to other educational apps and resources.

Khan Academy

Are you having a hard time understanding your math subjects? Subscribe to this free, online learning site and get access to short, succinct videos explaining the toughest math concepts in everyday language. You will come to love math, as well as science, computer programming, history, economics, and so much more. You can take control of your learning, at your own pace, and ace that exam!

Scholar Advisor

You probably have a ton of writing assignments, and have no idea how to start. You can head on over to Scholar Advisor to check out their sample essays to get an idea of what you need to do. They also have a ton of articles on how to write effectively and access other educational resources. You can tap them to help you with research, editing and proofreading to polish off your work for better grades.


If you want something simple, this is a great way to collaborate online. You don’t need to do any setting up. All you have to do to start a session is hit the Go button and invite others to join you. The interface is a whiteboard, which is very familiar to most people and easy to use. You can add a web page or document as reference, and even an image. Use the chat tool for real-time exchange, and use the editing tools to more clearly show what you mean.


If you are trying to explain something new with a group, or your teacher is, and you all have an iPad or iPhone, this free interactive whiteboard and screencasting app available on iTunes is the perfect tool.

You or your teacher can record a video of the lesson and share it, so you don’t have to be online at the same time. You can use animations, interactive text, and audio as well to create awesome presentations. It can help you master important and complex concepts with ease.


If you learn better with graphics and diagrams, Cacoo is a great tool you can suggest for your teacher to create learning materials. You can see exactly the flow of a process, or the workings of a gadget using this tool. If you are trying to design something or construct a flowchart with your teacher or your classmates, you use this tool to edit and collaborate in real time.


Studying for an exam or just prepping for the next day’s class can be boring, which is why group study is so popular. You can reap the same benefits without leaving your home by using Bounceapp. It is a site where you can grab a screenshot of a URL or an image you need feedback or comments about from your peers, make notes, and then sharing them. Anyone who gets a “bounce” can add their own notes or comments, and send it back, or send it to someone else. You can “bounce” ideas and questions against each other for a fruitful study session!


Do you like games in the classroom, and engaging in friendly competition? Socrative is a great app you can suggest to your teacher to engage your whole class in games and educational activities from any device.

It can be a lot of fun and your teacher can make instant assessments on how well the class understood the subject. You don’t have to be afraid of looking like a loser, because only the teacher can see how well (or badly) you are performing, and can give you extra work to help you understand the subject matter better without anyone being the wiser.

These education tools can help your studying process more easy and effective, and they help your teacher engage you and other students better. Try them out and see what happens.


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