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How To Best Prepare For An Interview

[This is #6 of Get Your Dream Job Series: How To Prepare For Interviews] We face a lot of interviews as we grow up, whether it is a school/college interview, a job interview, or an interview for some particular committees or activities. While there are a lot of interview tips and tricks talking about how to be confident, how to dress well in interview etc, many may ignore the importance of knowing how to prepare for interviews. Preparing for interviews are [...]

5 Useful Tips On How to Deal With Stress During Exam

Exams represent the kind of stressful situations that each and every one of us has been through since we have all been exposed to the education system at some point. Even a good and well-prepared student is not safe from getting overly nervous during the exam. In fact, it is often the case that the stress doesn't help us perform to our full potential at an exam, not the lack of preparation. Some of us just fall into some kind [...]

How To Develop Your Study Skills [Infographic]

 The ideal situation when it comes to studying is to aim for ‘working smarter, not harder’. While this can be easier said than done, there are a number of methods that can be applied and tips that can be taken on board to assist with developing a student’s study skills. One of the major things to consider is how long you actually study for as this can have a major impact on how effective your studying really is. The brain [...]

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