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Hi, I am Sabrina. Welcome to my blog! If you want to know more about how to improve your study skills, productivity, organization, career and lifestyle, you are in the right place! I am a huge book lover and stationery addict – and I have read tons of self-help books on learning and productivity in the past. Here, I am going to share my experiences and research on all these topics, and present to you everything you need to know about improving and learning the most from school.

If there is a particular type of tips that you would like to know, make sure to browse through the categories below! I look forward to seeing you in my courses and newsletters!

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I’m a student myself and this website has helped me so much. My grades have gone up thanks to the motivation I get from your blog. One of my friends on there are having a extremely difficult time with school, and then I showed him your website and he fell in love with it.

Isabella, Reader of Students Toolbox

I am so thankful for finding your blog because it has everything to make me feel productive and geared up to get some work done. Your printable are so so pretty and I can’t wait to start using them when the school term starts. You give advice and tips that are very understandable and relatable and that makes it so much more easier for me to grasp what you say and to follow them.

Mrithini, Reader of Students Toolbox

For college students, this blog provides a complete review about do’s and don’t’, it has helped out many people as far as I’ve heard. I’m grateful that I even came across this blog because there’s so much to learn. Thanks for all the good work you’ve been doing.

Namrata, Reader of Students Toolbox

Your blog is amazing. There are so many blogs out their for the same but I could never connect to the same personal level like I could do with yours.

Shreya, Reader of Students Toolbox

Your website incredibly helpful! I am trying to nail my planning and organisation strategies and your website, in particular the task planning printables, helped a lot and were also good inspiration for how to format my bullet journal… The posts have very to-the-point titles and are incredibly clearly laid out.

Aysha, Reader of Students Toolbox

It’s such helpful info for students that can contribute to their success in their classes. I’ve bookmarked a lot of info so far.

Keanna, Reader of Students Toolbox

I love the Students Toolbox because I use their printables everyday and I couldn’t imagine organizing my school life without it!

Belle, Reader of Students Toolbox